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Safeguarding Training & Consultancy


Safeguarding decision making should never made in isolation, but it can sometimes be difficult to speak with your other trained DSL colleagues due to timetables and other commitments.

This support allows you to be able to ask the questions and talk things through to provide the reassurance you need and determine the action to be taken.

If you feel you want the all-round support that isn’t limited to term time or working hours only, then this will be the option for you.

This support can be used to ask those ‘silly’ questions and sometimes just the need to say it out loud to someone who can then reassure you that you are doing the right thing.

This can be particularly useful to ask for support and guidance when feeling the need to escalate concerns and challenge decision making with other agencies. Understanding the processes to follow is a must to ensure a successful outcome is achieved.

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safeguarding training event
microphone for speaking at a safeguarding training session
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