Safeguarding Training Online

Safeguarding & Designated Safeguarding Lead Training Online

Safeguarding & Designated Safeguarding Lead Training Online

What do Online Safeguarding training sessions include?

All staff in schools need to receive safeguarding training. In the past the training had to be undertaken every three years, however, this is now an annual requirement.

All our Online Safeguarding Training can be bespoke to your organisation to ensure this is exactly what you need; delivered with our Designated Safeguarding Lead Training Online. 

We are pleased to have expanded our team to offer you even more expertise and availability to help with all your training needs. 

Length of Online Safeguarding Training

Many of the training sessions and courses Ella runs last approximately two hours. However, these can be lengthened to provide a half or full day session if that is a better fit. There is a lot to cover in each session and it is, therefore, advisable to consider other training and dissemination of information throughout the year. Why not consider additional services from us such as our information packed weekly newsletter and in house developed resources and templates. 

Some examples of online training sessions are:

  • Designated Safeguarding Lead Training (full or refresher)
  • Annual Safeguarding Training
  • Prevent: Anti-radicalisation and Extremism Training
  • Mental Health Awareness Training
  • Equality and Diversity Training
  • Gender Identity Awareness Training
  • Online Safety Training
  • Keeping Yourself Safe Training
  • Understanding the Position of Trust process
  • Managing Allegations Training
  • Working with Disguised Compliance
  • Managing Difficult Conversations Training
  • Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness Training
  • Child Criminal Exploitation Awareness Training
  • Understanding Neglect Training
  • Domestic Violence and Abuse Training Inc. Forced Marriage
  • FGM Awareness Training (Including breast ironing)
  • Misogyny and Incel Culture Awareness Training 
  • Safer Recruitment Training 
  • Low Level Concerns Training
  • Team Building and Self-awareness Training
  • Child Friendly Policy Template
  • Emotional Health and Wellbeing Policy Template
  • Throughout the year telephone advice and support
  • Weekly Briefing Emails (Term time only)
  • Attendance at meetings for families or professionals
  • Supervision sessions either one-to-one or group
  • 1 full day Record Keeping meeting
  • Safeguarding Audit and Report
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Safeguarding Training Online with Ella

Ella is able to deliver safeguarding training online. These online safeguarding training courses are delivered via Zoom or Microsoft Teams, and have been very popular. Ella is still able to make the training sessions interactive and make use of polls and breakout rooms.

All online training sessions are bespoke to the client, to ensure we achieve the desired outcomes and nothing is lost when choosing the option of online safeguarding training delivery.

Designated Safeguarding Lead Training Online

We can provide online and bespoke designated safeguarding lead training (DSL training). This can be for staff who are new to role as DSL or Deputy DSL and also those who require a refresher. DSLs and DDSls all need to have training every 2 years. Of course, there are lots of other training and updates they need in between also. We recommend attending online webinars and online and face to face conferences. Some great ones can be found at Our course is currently 8 hours for new to role and 5 hours for a refresher. If this is the online course then this is done in bitesize sessions with some activities to complete along the way. As part of the course, delegates receive an up-to-date DSL handbook which provides lots of up to date information, including printable posters to help disseminate important information throughout their setting.

If you would like to understand a little more about the online designated safeguarding lead training we offer, or would like to speak with former delegates and clients, please drop us an email.

Frequently Asked Questions

DSL training is a programme designed to train individuals who work with children or vulnerable adults to become designated safeguarding leads. It covers a range of topics related to safeguarding, such as identifying signs of abuse, responding to disclosures, and working with external agencies.

Any professional who works with children or vulnerable adults may need DSL training, including teachers, social workers, healthcare workers, and community volunteers. It is typically mandatory for designated safeguarding leads in organisations that provide services to these groups.

Our Safeguarding Training Online covers a wide range of topics, including the legal framework for safeguarding, types of abuse and neglect, responding to disclosures, and working with external agencies. It also covers best practices for preventing abuse and promoting the welfare of children and vulnerable adults.

The length of DSL training can vary depending on the provider and the level of training. Basic DSL training can take anywhere from one to three days, while advanced training can take several weeks or months.

KCSIE 2022 requires DSLs to renew their training every two years. However, it is also important to check with your organisation's policies and guidelines to ensure you stay up to date. If you are unsure, please contact us.

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