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What do Safeguarding training sessions include?

All staff in schools need to receive safeguarding training. In the past the training had to be undertaken every three years, however, this is now an annual requirement.

Safeguarding Training can be bespoke to your setting to ensure this is exactly what you need; either delivered in person on online with our online safeguarding training courses.

Length of Safeguarding Training

The training sessions and courses Ella runs last approximately two hours. There is a lot to cover in each session and it is, therefore, advisable to consider other training and dissemination of information throughout the year.

Some examples of training sessions are:

  • Designated Safeguarding Lead Training (full or refresher)
  • Annual Safeguarding Training
  • Prevent: Anti-radicalisation and Extremism Training
  • Mental Health Awareness Training
  • Equality and Diversity Training
  • Gender Identity Awareness Training
  • Online Safety Training
  • Keeping Yourself Safe Training
  • Understanding the Position of Trust process
  • Managing Allegations Training
  • Working with Disguised Compliance
  • Managing Difficult Conversations Training
  • Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness Training
  • Child Criminal Exploitation Awareness Training
  • Understanding Neglect Training
  • Domestic Violence and Abuse Training Inc. Forced Marriage
  • FGM Awareness Training (Including breast ironing)
  • Team Building and Self-awareness Training
  • Child Friendly Policy Template
  • Emotional Health and Wellbeing Policy Template
  • Throughout the year telephone advice and support
  • Weekly Briefing Emails (Term time only)
  • Attendance at meetings for families or professionals
  • Supervision sessions either one-to-one or group
  • 1 full day Record Keeping meeting
  • Safeguarding Audit and Report
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About the Safeguarding Courses

Throughout our careers in safeguarding children we have delivered a number of safeguarding courses. Just when we think we have delivered them all, we get asked to provide a slightly different course or even to a different cohort.

We provide training for teaching and non-teaching staff, governors, interpreters, peripatetic music teachers, nursery staff and many more.

We like the safeguarding courses to be interactive; we write our own case studies and develop these using Doodly software to make these more creative and engaging. These safeguarding courses work well both online and face to face. All courses and support provided can be delivered either online of face to face.

In 2021 and 2022 we have developed some new courses on Equality and Diversity, Gender Identity, Governor specific training, Child on Child Abuse, Incel Radicalisation and many more.

The schools and organisations who have an annual service level agreement with us know they can always put in their requests for new courses for us to develop, or posters and useful guides to produce. We are passionate about delivering what clients need and to constantly adapt safeguarding training courses and resources.

Safeguarding Training Online with Ella

Ella is able to deliver safeguarding training online. These online safeguarding training courses are delivered via Zoom or Microsoft Teams, and have been very popular. Ella is still able to make the training sessions interactive and make use of polls and breakout rooms.

All online training sessions are bespoke to the client, to ensure we achieve the desired outcomes and nothing is lost when choosing the option of online safeguarding training delivery.

Safeguarding Certificate / Certification

When we are providing courses we are able to adapt a number of courses we already have available and make them bespoke to your setting.

It is really important we use the scenarios and case studies relevant to your specific setting. No one wants to sit through training where the examples are of children that aren’t the ages they work with or the professionals aren’t doing the jobs the delegates do. We have a whole bank of resources and are continually developing more and more.

We always provide certificates for you and for each delegate. These will be sent electronically so they are easy to keep stored ready for future inspection. Some schools also like a certificate to display in reception that confirms the school has commissioned a certain training session for all staff. We are happy to provide this for schools to display proudly.

Safeguarding Children Course and Training 

Unfortunately in 2021 and 2022 we have already had many reminders of how important it is for professionals to understand their responsibilities in safeguarding children. We want to ensure we provide the most up to date guidance and information and therefore we are constantly adapting and developing our sessions. Safeguarding training in schools is an important part of any safeguarding children course.

The wealth of experience of the team means we can provide safeguarding training regarding children and vulnerable adults on any safeguarding subject. We want to provide all clients with the reassurance of being in safe hands with the best training delivered in an engaging and interactive way. If we don’t already have a training session that you want, we will write it for you!

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