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DSL Safeguarding & Safeguarding Supervision with Ella

Designated Safeguarding Lead supervision (DSL Supervision) and support is the fastest growing service that Ella offers. Now is the time to think about providing this additional element of support to DSLs as the role can feel isolating and can evoke some hard to manage emotional responses.

Many DSLs feel external DSL safeguarding supervision to be supportive, not only to talk through case management but also support on a personal level. As a qualified therapist and safeguarding consultant, Ella can confidently offer this support. Ella will discuss what you need and work out a bespoke package of support. Ella’s safeguarding DSL supervision is designed to purely be supportive and encouraging and it is a space for DSLs and Deputy DSLs to lean on someone when they need more guidance and help.

The focus has shifted hugely in the last few years and emotional health and wellbeing is absolutely the priority for us all. This safeguarding supervision focuses on providing this to the safeguarding teams that are working on the frontline and managing some tricky cases, and therefore requiring something more structured.

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Why Is Safeguarding Supervision Important?

Safeguarding supervision, particularly for Designated Safeguarding Leads (DSLs) and their deputies, is an essential component of a robust safeguarding framework within any organisation. The role of a DSL, inherently challenging and emotionally taxing, demands not only a thorough understanding of safeguarding policies and procedures but also an ability to manage the complex emotional responses that arise from dealing with sensitive cases. The importance of DSL supervision can be explored from several angles:

Supporting Emotional Well-being: DSL roles often involve exposure to distressing situations and disclosures, which can take a toll on one's emotional health. Supervision provides a structured outlet for DSLs to process these emotions, reducing the risk of burnout and ensuring they remain effective in their roles.

Enhancing Professional Competence: Through regular, reflective supervision sessions, DSLs can discuss case management, explore best practices, and receive feedback on their decision-making processes. This ongoing professional development is crucial for maintaining high standards of safeguarding within an organisation.

Ensuring Compliance and Accountability: Supervision helps to ensure that safeguarding practices are in line with current legislation and guidance. It provides a forum for oversight, where decisions and actions can be reviewed and scrutinised, thus enhancing the accountability and transparency of the safeguarding process.

Promoting a Culture of Safety: By prioritising supervision, organisations signal their commitment to safeguarding. This helps foster a culture where children's safety and well-being are seen as paramount, encouraging all staff to take an active role in safeguarding.

Facilitating Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Safeguarding is often most effective when it involves a multidisciplinary approach. Supervision can facilitate discussions across different sectors, such as education, healthcare, and social services, promoting a more cohesive and comprehensive safeguarding strategy.

How to Arrange Safeguarding Supervision with Ella

To begin enhancing your safeguarding supervision, simply reach out to Ella. As an experienced safeguarding consultant, Ella will guide you through creating a tailored support package that addresses your specific needs.

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