Meet the Team

team member profile illustration - Ella


Role: Safeguarding Consultant

Likes: Being able to speak at conferences and thinking of new ways to deliver sessions

Dislikes: Proofreading her own work!

Special talent: Being able to look calm when asked some really tricky questions

Fun fact: Her real name is Rowella and yet she has 2 sisters called Claire and Lucy!

Fear: Slipping on ice

Ella loves working with clients for many years and getting to know people and making friends


Role: Safeguarding Consultant

Likes: Getting to play at being a graphic designer when using Canva

Dislikes: Technology failing when just about to start delivering training

Special talent: Writing enough content for a one-hour training session that could last long enough to fill a 3 day residential!

Fun fact: Beth once met a famous actress on holiday but got confused and thought she was someone she used to study with at university!

Fear: Frogs

Beth is friendly and fun and is a wonderful storyteller.

team member profile illustration - Beth
team member profile illustration - Carla


Role: Safeguarding Administrator, Trainer and Content Developer

Likes: A list, being organised and being on time

Dislikes: Being late and Microsoft Teams not working

Special Talent: Creating really great bespoke Doodly videos for clients and making everything all neat and tidy.

Fun fact: Carla sang in the City of Birmingham Symphony Youth Chorus for 6 years and has performed at the BBC Proms

Fear: Parking her car whilst people are watching!

Carla is so helpful and great at thinking of things that need doing to help clients.

Tammy Bowen-Smith

Role: Safeguarding Officer and Trainer

Likes: Interacting with students and hearing how they view their school, teachers and surroundings

Dislikes: Spiders

Special talent: Building rapports with people

Fun fact: Tammy is a fantastic Cake Baker!

Fear: Tammy is pretty much fearless

Tammy loves new challenges and encouraging growth in herself as well as those she is working alongside.

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Daniel Bowen-Smith

Role: Safeguarding Officer and Trainer

Likes: Football & riding his bike

Dislikes: Spiders

Special Talent: Daniel can do an amazing 525 kick ups in one go

Fun fact: Daniel used to play for Blues football club

Fear: Daniel has a fear of heights

Daniel thrives on creating new projects and new ways to help young people realise their true potential.

Beth Hemsley

Role: Safeguarding Content Developer

Likes: Putting children at the heart of her work and improving the outcomes for every child.

Dislikes: Starting a new note pad.

Special talent: Beth is great at doing headstands!

Fun fact: Beth once had two stick insects as pets. They were called Stick and Sticky.

Fear: Slugs

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team member profile illustration - Mia


Role: Very Helpful Helper

Likes: Helping deliver online sessions to children and talking to them about well-being

Dislikes: Having to write lots and lots of notes

Special talent: Reading, gymnastics and ice skating

Fun fact: She has a cat, a dog and fish

Fear: Having to eat too many vegetables

Mia is a really supportive member of the team and loves encouraging other children when they aren’t feeling confident about something.