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📢 Attention all DSLs and Safeguarding Professionals!

🗓️ Mark your calendars for Thursday, July 13th at 4 pm! 🕓

🌟 We’re excited to invite you to a FREE 30-minute webinar on the Filtering and Monitoring KCSIE 2023 Update – What you Need to Know!

🔍 Ella Savell-Boss and Simon May, General Manager at Fastvue, are joining forces to bring you this informative session. They will guide you through the recent changes and expectations, ensuring you understand how to achieve compliance.

💡 Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get your burning questions answered and gain insights on preparing for September. As safeguarding & filtering and monitoring software experts, we’re here to support you in your role as DSLs.

🖥️ To reserve your spot, simply click the booking link below: