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By Dave Guard

It was June 2021, slap bang in the middle of those lost Covid years. My family and I were
visiting my parents in Dorset. Days were spent on the beach, eating ice cream, eating chips,
and in the case of my two young sons, dipping chips into ice cream!

Once my wife and I had hustled our boys into bed however, I found that the evenings mainly
involved watching BBC dramas with my Dad or attempting 1000 piece puzzles with my
Mum. I found the evenings dull and I felt bored and a bit lost for something to do.

For many years now I’ve been going into schools delivering support to young people
regarding their mental health, and I’ve advocated the five ways to wellbeing on many

  1. Connect with Others
  2. Give to Others
  3. Be Physically Active
  4. Take Notice
  5. Learn New Skills

Therefore, whilst bored in Dorset I decided to put my own advice to the test. My parents
have kept a box of my old toys and I happened to notice a set of juggling balls nestled in the
bottom of the toybox.

There and then I decided to learn to juggle. I practised every evening, setting myself a
number of ‘juggles’ to complete before I would return to the sofa for that evening’s BBC
drama. I completed 3 juggles the first evening, 5 the next, 10 the next…….and so on.

I enjoyed learning to juggle and therefore carried on practising at home when we returned
from our week in Dorset.

I’m 38 and last year I taught myself to juggle.

What will you learn for the benefit of your wellbeing?

Here are some suggestions:

Learn to juggle youtube

Sporcle.com is a brilliant quiz website with thousands of quizzes.
My wife and I can name 39 out of 54 African countries in 10 minutes, can you beat us?

Learn to ride a motorbike: One day’s training (CBT) typically costs around £150.

Learn Basic Sign Language

Learn to Sew