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The lockdown can really take its toll on people in so many ways with a range of emotional, physical and financial stresses.

We’re continuously bombarded with news and politics from the UK and around the world which can create a very negative impact on our wellbeing. Combine this with the stress of trying to work in a different environment away from your usual workplace, having to home school children, being away from family and friends as well as the lack of physical exercise, can make you feel very low.

It’s therefore critical that we take care of ourselves during this period and are kind to ourselves.

Here are some small but manageable suggestions we believe can make a big difference to your wellbeing during these challenging times:

Get some fresh air

  • Even if it is simply standing outside your front door or on a balcony to take a break from your screen.
  • If it’s possible to go for a walk or a run, try and get outside and appreciate the beauty of the outdoors.

Keep talking

  • Isolation has been identified as a major problem during the lockdown so it’s important to keep talking. We’re so used to chatting to colleagues in the workplace whilst making coffee, during meetings, at lunchtimes and all if this has suddenly stopped.
  • Make an effort to set up video chats and phone calls to keep you motivated and focussed.

Plan your day 

  • Having a structure to your day is crucial.
  • Plan your day around what works best for you, if you’re most productive in the morning, then work that into your daily structure.
  • Remember to take set yourself realistic and achievable tasks and take plenty of breaks.

Take time off

  • Read a book or take a bath, have a coffee break, just anything that is not focussed on work or the news so you can switch off for a little while.
  • Take time to work out, whether that’s yoga, a run or some online Zumba!

Being kind to yourself will help you cope much better with these challenging times as well as come out stronger in the long term. Use the time to discover new things about yourself, find new interests and take pleasure in the small things in life.